Great Britain

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I’ve started on some projects in the UK. I’m working with the folks at the University of Leeds on a graphic novel depicting life in England in 200 years–with an anticipated sea level rise of 8 meters. It’s a sequel to their graphic novel about a low carbon future. The maps will be centered around York and Leeds, and includes the surrounding counties. I’m excited to be contributing to this project, and of course while I’m at it I’ll be creating maps of what the area will look like with much higher sea levels.

I’m also working on a map of London. Check back in a couple of weeks!

The NY Sea

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With Place Names

NY Sea, With Place Names


Without Place Names

NY Sea, Without Place Names


Check out my other sea rise maps, or see the original–Burrito Justice & Brian Stokle’s map of San Francisco.

For all of these maps, I am not portraying any sea level higher than what is possible. The IPCC has estimated that the total rise would be about 66 meters.

Here’s a version without the place names:

This will happen someday, but not in our lifetimes. Some who have dared to speculate on a timeline have given themselves plenty of space for error in their predictions–one estimate says anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 years. Whatever the time frame, it is a fact that humans are speeding up this process.