Sea Rise near Leeds & York


3 Meters

I’m working with the folks at the University of Leeds on a graphic novel depicting life in England in 200 years–if nothing is done to curb carbon emissions. It’s a sequel to their graphic novel about a low carbon future. The maps will be centered around York and Leeds, and includes the surrounding counties. The first three images will be a part of the novel, and show sea levels at 3, 5 and 8 meters.

The grey outlines are the boundaries of the two cities…Leeds to the west, York to the east.

These maps are based on sea rise elevations estimated by the IPCC. Scroll down for other sea rise levels…


5 Meters


8 Meters


40 Meters

8 thoughts on “Sea Rise near Leeds & York

  1. so at some point between 8 mt and 40mt I shall own a beautiful coastal property which will if the water continues to rise will fall into the sea, FML.

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  3. And this doesn’t include erosion. The Holderness coast of East Yorkshire is eroding extremely fast. By the time the sea has risen that much there won’t be any land left, east of the Yorkshire Wolds

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  5. I used to live in this region. Look south of the Humber and in the corner of the junction formed by the M18 and M180 motorways is a small market town called Thorne. To the right, on the 8 metre map, you’ll see a raised inland island, which is actually called the Isle of Axholme. This area was once almost entirely marshland and the Isle was an area of raised ground. The Norman church in Thorne was not a parish, and those who used to die there were taken by boat to the nearby village of Hatfield to be buried. When a funeral party was drowned in 1320s, the Abbot of St. Marys in York was petitioned and Thorne church was rebuilt as a parish, which permitted the dead to be buried there. In the 17th century a dutch engineer by the name of Cornelius Vermuyden was brought in to drain the area and redirect the River Don, which flows downhill from Sheffield.

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