Montreal Archipelago

I spent a week in Montreal once–and I’ve been in love with it ever since. I don’t really speak French. I gave names to some of the larger islands, but I don’t know it well enough to do it justice. If you have suggestions, let me know! Thank you to all the commenters who helped me with grammar and place names. This is the seventh in a series of extreme sea level rise maps.

See the original–Burrito Justice’s map of San Francisco. This will happen someday, but not in our lifetimes. Some who have dared to speculate on a timeline have given themselves plenty of space for error in their predictions–one estimate says anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 years. Whatever the time frame, anthropogenic climate change is a fact–humans are speeding up this process. For all of these maps, I am not portraying any sea level higher than what is possible. The IPCC has estimated that the total rise would be about 66 meters.

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10 thoughts on “Montreal Archipelago

  1. Hi!
    This is amazing!

    I might like to buy a map of Montreal. As I am a francophone Montrealer, I venture a few suggestions , to the best of my toponymical knowledge, and some grammatical corrections. If you make those changes, I will gladly buy the map and highly recommend it to my friends.

    So, here goes:

    ‘Détroit de Mille Poisson’ should read ‘Détroit de Mille-Poissons’. Place names in french require a hyphen.

    ‘Deux îles’ should probably read ‘Deux-Îles’, as it seems to be a place name and thus would require a capital and a hyphen.

    ‘Sainte-Dorothée’ will be hyphenated, for the same reasons.

    ‘Île Bizard’: This existing town is spelled L’Île-Bizard. You might drop the L’, I guess (a little unwieldy). but keep the hyphen.

    I would go for Île-d’Anjou as well (with a hyphen)
    same for Île-Duvernay

    (I would not hyphenate ‘Île de Laval’ because in that case, the place is Laval, because of the ‘de’, as in ‘island OF Laval’)

    ‘Île de Mont Royal’ should be : Île du Mont-Royal

    Hope you like my suggestions!

    All the best,
    François Ouimet

  2. Great! If there is any chance I could order 2 corrected maps for Christmas, I would love to make a gift to a geographer friend here, and one for myself.

    Have good day!

  3. Hi! I noticed one last mistake:

    ‘Courant du Prairies de la Mer’, should read
    ‘Courant des Prairies de la Mer’

    Have a good day!



      Highest elevation 233 m (764 ft)
      Lowest elevation 6 m (20 ft)

      Which part of Montreal are you referring to?

      You seem to be taking the elevation at the peak of Mont-Royal and assuming that the entirety of Montreal is at this elevation. This is incorrect. The lowest elevation of Montreal is 6m. The highest is 233m. The low areas of Montreal become flooded by sea level rise. The high areas will become islands. This is what is shown in my maps.

  4. “Laval-sous-la-mer”…I just about spewed coffee all over my laptop screen when I saw that. Brilliant and funny and sad at all the same time.

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