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  1. Hi! My name’s Hunter. I found this site from the link on the LA sea-rise map that was recently posted on reddit/r/mapporn. I really love your maps. I’m an enthusiastic GIS major at a University in LA, and I also have enjoyed doing digital graphic design since I was young. I was just wondering if you could tell me a bit about what you do as a career/if it has anything to do with GIS? Did you go to school for geography?

    • Hi Hunter–

      I have a BA in Geography and a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. I’ve done a variety of GIS projects in my career, including working at Microsoft Bing Maps and designing and implementing a floor plan GIS for the University of Washington. Although I’ve focused on GIS in much of my career, my greater interests lie in geographic history, urban design, and planning for sustainable transportation. All of these things are based in geography, and I use GIS as a decision-making tool, for mapping and analysis. Right now I’m between jobs, which gives me time to work on these sea rise maps.

  2. As a Houston resident, I’d be interested in seeing a similar map for the Houston/Galveston/Corpus gulf coast area. The energy industry would be directly affected by sea rise levels as well as the many gulf-coast residents. A lot of climate-change deniers in this general area would be underwater….

  3. Hi Jeffrey!
    I live in Northwest Indiana. Could I make a suggestion of creating a map of the Great Lakes? I’m about 5 miles (tops) from Lake Michigan’s coastline and I think it would be awesome to see what nature could have in store for this area as well.

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