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I’m between jobs right now, so while I’m searching, I’m taking some time to create these sea rise maps.

I’m looking for a position in urban planning/design, especially as it relates to the overlap between transportation and land use. Here is my LinkedIn profile. I currently live in Seattle, WA, but I’d be willing to relocate for the right opportunity in San Francisco. I’d also be open to other cool, walkable cities with good transportation options.

For some samples of planning & design work, check out my portfolio.

If you are a publisher or agent, or know of one who might be interested in an Atlas of Drowned Cities, let’s talk! Please leave a message in the comments below and I’ll get right back to you.


I spend a lot of time thinking about cities and how people fit into them. I walk. I bus. I sometimes bike. I like trains and cables and pantographs. I think the row house is the pinnacle of residential urban form. I avoid suburbs.

I’m making a series of maps on how extreme sea level rise will impact major cities. I’m trying to not make it too much of a bummer.

I think a lot about how the past has created the present–the child is the father of the man; the town is the mother of the city. I love old maps. I will plant trees when I’m in my 80’s.

I love GIS and a good rendering of spatial information. You’ll probably see a lot of that here.


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  1. Hey Jeffrey! I’m a writer with Grist.org. Just stumbled upon your sea-level rise maps and thought I’d write a quick piece about them for my Underwater Cities blog. Do you have a second to chat this afternoon? If so, send me your number? If not, no worries. This will just be a short piece. But I’d be curious to learn more about the inspiration…


  2. Hi Jeffrey,
    I’m an artist in the UK working on a project (with scientists at the University of Leeds) visualising the UK in 2150AD with a 7-10m sea level rise. I’m working on my own sketch maps to show the area of the eastern UK which will be inundated (around York). Your maps are awesome – I wonder if you’d be interested in doing one for the UK?

  3. Hi Jeffrey, I’m a journalist in Montreal & would love to get in touch with you today about your Montreal map! I sent you a message on Twitter, please get back to me ASAP.
    Thanks so much,

  4. Hi Jeffrey, I write for the Portland Tribune, located somewhere in the Islands of Portland. Good luck on your job search. Meanwhile, after reading Greg’s piece on Grist, it occurred to me that an article focusing on what climate change could do to Portland would be useful for our readers. Could you contact me for an interview at paul@times.org? Thanks!

  5. Hi Jeffrey,
    I’m a writer for Business Insider’s science team. I came across your sea level rise maps and am interested in writing a piece about them. Could you send me an email to talk about the possibility? Thanks!

  6. Hi Jeffrey,

    Fantastic work here. I’m a writer for a news and lifestyle website called Bustle and we’d love to do a write-up on your NYC sea level map. Would you mind reaching out about the possibility of using your images in the piece? Many thanks in advance!

  7. I am the author of a series of novellas based on a coastal event that includes an over 300′ sea level rise. This series is available as ebooks in most formats at your preferred retailer. Each novella is set in location and tells the stories of small groups of suvivors. Coastal Event Volume IV is set in the Puget Sound area. I would be pleased to send you a copy when you reply with your email address.

    A.G. Kimbrough

  8. Hi,

    We would like to run a story about your Seattle Map. We would link back to you and provide credit. May we have your permission to run your map?

    Thank you!
    Kathy Kemp

  9. Dear Jeffrey,

    I am an online editor at a Dutch national newspaper and I would like to run a story about your maps, in which I would like to use images of your maps, credited of course. Could you drop me an e-mail to tell me if that’s fine?

    Thank you, have a nice day 🙂

  10. Hi Jeffrey,

    Sorry to repeat many of those above! I’m also hoping to receive permission to publish one of your fantastic maps in my newsletter, Climate Change News (eesi.org/ccn). Happy to link back to your site and give you credit.

    Thank you!

  11. Hi Jeffrey –

    Love the maps. I’m with a group called CascadiaNow, also based out of Seattle, and we would love to publish your Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland maps.

    We’re a social movement non-profit, so not exactly a big money maker, but that said, we can certainly give you a better deal then z’zazzle, and while it’s not the largest store at the moment, we’re really only getting started.

    cascadiacollaborative.com is the store site.

    In addition, I might be interested in chatting with you about if you’d be interested in doing a Cascadia map, or if you do other design work.

    All the best, and great maps.


  12. Also, if you’re interested in chatting about your atlas of drowned cities, would love to talk about that. I could see some fun collab with a couple non-profits, for written content, and we could help back some financial support for publishing.

  13. Jeff,

    Hello, my name is Zach and I’m a freelance writing working for Architizer, an architecture and design platform. We’d love to show some of your work (of course linking back to your site) in one of our online articles.

    Email me at your earliest convenience: zach@architizer.com



  14. Jeffrey– I just found your blog and poster of NY Sea with great “clever names.” I have some questions and might want to feature your map on my blog tugster. Please email me. Will

  15. Hi Jeffrey,
    Could you email me to discuss an on-camera interview for a story about these latest NYC climate projections and your maps? If you send your phone number, I’ll give you a call. Thank you, Carolyn Weaver

  16. Hi Jeff,

    I’m interested in covering you on CNET. I’ve already written the article and would like permission to include a few images with it. Can I have permission to embed the NY and LA maps? Please let me know ASAP.

    Michael Franco

  17. Dear Jeffrey,

    I am an Architecture student at the University of Cambridge and would like to know more about your maps. I have some questions regarding your work and would like to get in touch with you for some research related questions. Do you have some time?

    Kindest regards,

    Fahim Ahmed

  18. This is good stuff! I would like to suggest, if anyone hasn’t yet, the addition of current versus anticipated shorelines by adding a red line of the current shorelines.

    Do you have NYC projections which include a larger area? I live in NJ, so including at least the eastern 2/3 of the state would interest me at about the 10m level, and the currently expected date. This is something my family members could understand as a not-to-distant possibility, as I am hoping to get them to understand the need to reduce individual carbon footprints and why it will effect us and our next generation.

    Once I regain employment myself, I will purchase several copies of the poster as mentioned.

    Thank you, and nice work.

  19. Hi Jeffrey,

    I’d like to get permission to use your maps in an article about maps that show how lands are changing which I am curating for The Wilderness Society’s website (www.wilderness.org). I’d of course grant you full credit and link back to this site. Please let me know if that would be acceptable to you as soon as you are able, and if so where I may be able to send you a link to it if you’d like.

    Many thanks,


    P.S. I am a cartographer myself and really appreciate this work!

  20. I am writing a book about sustainability called “Sustainability: A Call to Action Part 2: Global Scale,” and I would like to include some of your maps. The book will be in black and white so the images would be in grayscale, no larger than 4.25 inches wide. I would like to hope that work like yours (and mine!) will inspire people to change and these maps will remain an amazing fantasy! I will give credit to you and list a link back to your website. I hope you will grant me permission! Great work!

  21. Hello! I am currently an undergrad environmental studies major and I really enjoy your underwater maps! Might I suggest Boston as your next city? Excellent work! -Sarah

    • The Great Lakes would be unaffected by sea level rise according to the IPCC estimates. The surface of Lake Ontario would be ~9m higher than the highest the waters would rise.

  22. Hello Jeffrey,

    I’m civic design director for the Boston Society of Architects and executive director of the Community Design Resource Center of Boston — currently working on resiliency planning efforts at a variety of scales, timeframes, audiences. (See the design competition we’re helping to organize: http://www.bostonlivingwithwater.org) These maps are fantastic… Is Boston in your sites by any chance? Would love to learn more about what you have upcoming. Thanks.

  23. Jeffrey:

    I’m the publisher here at Sasquatch Books in Seattle. We just released a book of infographic maps called Portlandness by David Banis and Hunter Shobe of the Portland State U geography department. I would love to have the Seattle equivalent. Would you be interested in having a conversation about curating such a book project?

    Gary Luke

  24. Hi Jeffrey,
    Wow! Fascinating stuff! I live in Alameda County across the Bay from San Francisco and found the SF map fascinating! Have you (or do you know of anyone who has) done such a map for my “East Bay” area?

    Also, for some time now I have been curious as to what the shapes of continents, oceans, etc., on our planet would look like if you “removed” all of the water and then turned the world inside out – that is, a topographical map where the elevations (“above” and “below”) were reversed, and then added the water back in .

  25. Hi Jeffrey,
    First thanks for sharing these great maps. I’ve referred to them in the oceanography classes I teach and they really open eyes. I run a community marine science center for Highline College which is located in Redondo, a neighborhood of Des Moines, WA and we do an approximately once a quarter display of art and/or educational materials. I’d like to use your work. We can purchase through Zazzle but wondered if you had any interest in being involved beyond that.


    • Hi Rus:

      Thank you for he invitation, but I probably won’t have time for any active involvement. I would be happy to let you use the graphic files for educational purposes (you’d still need to print, so Zazzle might be the cheaper source for hard copy).

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